10 cleaver uses of green tea

Weight loss

If your weight is not decreasing Even with exercise and workout, then you should start drinking green tea during the day. Green tea eliminates fat due to its anti-oxidant properties. According to a study, the green tea helps in keeping the body weigh constant. It also strengthens the metabolism and digestive system.

Helps in Reducing stress

Drinking green tea gives you relief from the stress. Keeping dry green tea leaves near the pillows helps reducing the headache. The smell of dry green tea leaves relaxes the mind.

In sunburn and Itching

If you experience itching and sunburn even after applying sunscreen then you can put green tea leaves in bath water and then take bath. This will give you relief from sunburn burns and itching.

To reduce eye swelling

Green Tea leaves are the perfect remedy for inflammation of eyes and fatigue. You don’t have to sweat for this, just take two tea bags and wet it in light warm water and keep it on your eyes for 15 minutes. This reduces the burning sensation and inflammation in your eyes. Green Tea has a natural Astringent property, which reduces the swelling of your eyes. Applying the Green Tea-Bags on the eyes also removes the dark circle.

Reduce Acne Problems

Green Tea reduces the inflammation due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant properties. Green tea is perfect for removing facial acne. To eliminate facial acne, put green tea leaves on the face before sleeping at night. Drink green tea in the morning to keep yourself fit. It keeps the natural glow and beauty on the face.

Skin protector

Green tea is extremely beneficial for skin. It keeps your skin tight. There are also anti-aging elements in it. Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements in green tea, protects the skin. Mix white sugar, some water and green tea well to make a scrub from Green Tea. This mixture will soften your skin and will maintain the skin hydration level.

Beneficial for Hair

Green Tea also works as a good conditioner for the hair. It naturally nourishes the hair. Boil the tea leaves and apply to the hair after boiling and cooling. Apart from this, boil black tea with rosemary and sage and keep it overnight, apply to the hair the next day. Tea is the natural conditioner for hair.

To remove foot odor

The green tea has strong and powerful smell. It can be used to remove the odor of the feet. Put the used green tea leaves in the water and soak the feet in it for 20 minutes. This will absorb the sweat of your feet and eliminates the smell.

For better sex life

Besides Healthy Life and Glowing skin green tea is good for a better sex life. Green tea contains caffeine, ginseng and thyanine which increases your sexual hormones.

Enjoy green tea for great health
Green tea is also good for health. It protects you from cold and flu.

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