10 important basic tips to take care of your face.


The facial skin is the most important and neglected part of male body and it is very necessary to take care of your skin. Historically Men are not expected to take care of their skin, lately there has been a great awareness among the men to look great and they have started to take care of their skin. Here are 10 important basic tips to take care of your facial skin.
Wash you face
The most important tip is to wash your face 3-4 times a day with clean water to constantly keep dirt and pollution away from the facial skin.
Cleansing removes the dirk and impurities from the skin accumulated during the day. You can use a  good quality charcoal cleanser  for your face. It helps in  eliminating the dust particles, dead skin cells  and  other impurities from your skin.
Exfoliation sheds off all the dead skin cells from the face, which plugs the pores of skin and can lead to dark spots,
Toning gets rid of any left impurities and cleansing in the skin, for mild oily and sensitive skin use tea tree based toner as tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.
It provides the necessary moisture to the skin and keeps the skin elastic and looking younger
To give your skin the extra pampering and cleaning, use a skin mask once or twice a week. It might be a bit time-consuming but your skin can not thank you enough if you take care of your skin by providing the extra acre it needs. The mask extracts the dead skin cells and impurities from deep into your skin. Use a clay based mask to keep your skin oil free.
Shaving makes you look neat, clean and younger, use a good quality shaving cream for shaving, right after taking the bath. Using a shaving cream and after shave lotion gives you a clean and precise shave.
Sun block
Buying a good quality sun block  protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. Your sun block makes you look young and  at the same time  it reduces the chance of skin cancer. For oily skin do not use heavy SPF.
H2o drink a lot of water, it keeps the skin cells hydrated and wrinkle free.
Eat healthy
Eating healthy and clean reflects on your face, crap food makes you look old too soon and put your health at risk.

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