Advantages and disadvantages of eating food in various metal utensils


 Food in Silver  Utensils

Silver is an icy metal, which gives inside coolness to the body. The body resists the urge to panic, making and nourishing the food in its character builds the mind, the eyes are solid, the eyes increment and the expansion is controlled by pitta, Kapha and Vata doosha.

Food in Cooper Utensils

Drinking water kept in copper vessels helps in keeping the body free of infection, detoxify the blood, Improves the memory, liver issue , copper water wipes out the harmful components of the body, subsequently kept in this character Water is useful for wellbeing. Milk should not be consumed in Copper utensil as it can have adverse effects on the body.


Food in Iron Utensils

By cooking  the food  in Iron utensils, the body’s energy builds, provides the nutrients required in the body. Cooking in the Iron Vessels eradicates numerous sicknesses, like Anemia and Jaundice. Milk can be taken in the iron pot.

Caution: Do not use Iron vessel Daily ,this can cause Iron Toxicity, instead make your meal 2-3 times in the Iron Vessel.

Food in Clay Utensils

Cooking in earthenware gives nutritious food that keeps each illness far from the body. Presently the cutting edge science has demonstrated that many sorts of illnesses of the body can be cured by making food in ceramics. As per Ayurveda, if food is to be nutritious and delectable, at that point it must be cooked step by step. Despite the fact that it takes more time to cook the food in ceramics, however it gives medical advantages to it. The most appropriate items for ceramic cooking are milk and dairy produce. Making a dinner in a pot of earthenware gives 100 percent nutrients(Nutrients are not lost). Furthermore, if the food is eaten in a pot, it additionally comes in its own taste.

Food in Bronze  Utensils

By eating food in bronze pots, Sharpens the memory, blood gets cleaned, increases the appetite. In any case, curds , acidic,sour things, cheese should not be taken in bronze ware as it reacts and become toxic . By cooking in bronze utensils only  3 percent food nutrients are lost.

Food in Steel Utensils

Steel utensils don’t cause harm since they do not react with any material and don’t become corrosive. It neither adds any nutritional value to the food nor creates any harmful effects.

Food in Brass  Utensils

Cooking and eating food in brass utensils does not prompt worm infestations, cough and other respiratory Diseases. The advantage of Cooking in the Brass utensils is that only 7 percent nutrients are lost by cooking food in brassware.

Food in Aluminium Utensils

Aluminium Utensils are made of aluminum bauxite. The food that is made in it is harmful for the body. It absorbs iron and calcium which causes weak bones mental illnesses, liver and nervous system damage.It can also damage kidneys resulting in Renal failure, Asthma, Tuberculosis and Diabetes.Cooking and Eating in Aluminium Vessels destroys 87 percent of food nutrients.

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