DIY(Do it yourself) lip care

Lips are the Game-changer

Believe it or not , your lips are the pivotal part of your face which is the center of attraction, every time you talk to a person. Beautiful lips can enhance your looks immensely. Dry and chapped lips are the most undesired part of the face.The reason for most lips problem is the escape of  oils due to pollution, dehydration, and unhealthy lifestyle.So here is a little DIY lip care for you to solve all your lip problems.

Choosing the wrong lip products flooded  in the market can do some serious damage to your fragile lips. The good news is you can make your own DIY lip balm and give your lips a natural and chemical free treatment at home.

Very Important:Before using these lip balms ,scrub your lips gently with a clean towel dipped in warm water.It will remove the dead cells and pollution from the lips.Apply these natural lip balms regularly for gorgeous and soft lips.

These are some kitchen recipes for making your natural DIY lip balm.

Coconut and chocolate lip balm.


1 tablespoon coconut powder.

1 tablespoon chocolate powder.

Warm water to mix.

Recipe: Mix the coconut powder and the chocolate in a small bowl over warm water, and allow the two to blend well. Pour into a small lip container and let it cool to room temperature. Keep it in the freezer and use when needed!

Uses: Coconut hydrates your lips with natural oils and  restore the softness of the lips. The chocolate is full of antioxidants which helps to fight the free radicals and hence do not allow  the lip cracks to appear .

Peppermint lip balm.

Ingredients: 5-6 mint leaves (pasted).

2-4 Almonds powdered.

Water for consistency.


Mix them well over warm water, allowing the two to blend well. Pour into a small lip container and let it cool.

Keep it in the freezer and use when needed.

Uses: Flavor tinted and with plenty of medicinal properties from mint to enjoy, the herb is known to bring in all the nutrition for the skin and heals the lips too.

Honey and rose lip balm.


A handful of freshly picked rose petals (washed and formed into paste).

A tablespoon of honey is added.

Mix the two well and pour the lip balm into a small lip container. Keep it in the freezer and use when needed!

Uses: The antioxidants in rose petals and the anti-bacterial properties along with hydration touches from raw honey would be the best combo to make a lip balm from. For this recipe, you would

Strawberry and chocolate lip balm


Take 3-5 strawberries

3 pieces of chocolate

Paste them well and blend over warm water and the antioxidants from the berries and the chocolate would form into one lip balm paste, which should now be poured into a small lip container. Use when needed.

Uses: Full of antioxidants, natural and soothing for chapped lips.

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