How To Use Sound wave therapy For Better Health

We are surrounded by different sound frequencies in our daily life, from car horn to the sound of water.
Sound wave frequencies affect our bodies physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Sound has the power to heal the defected cells within the body through the power of vibration. These vibrations affect your happiness, positivity and health, in some way or another.

The sound wave therapy can be beneficial to the people suffering from weak immune and lymphatic system, organ imbalances, hyper toxicity in the body, anxiety issues, panic and depression.

Sound therapy works on the principle that sound waves at different frequencies stimulates the specific part of the brain and produce a channelized flow of energy which heal the body,mind and soul.
Some frequencies work on your brain to reduce the anxiety, while some can increase your concentration level, creativity and other mental states

Types of frequencies used in sound wave therapy

Alpha waves
Alpha waves operate from 8Hz to 12 Hz. Alpha waves are used to get relaxation, to boost visualization and creativity. Alpha waves creates the similar state of mind what you feel for the couple of minutes when you wake up from the sleep.
Alpha waves can help you in sharpening the memory and dealing with pain, stress and anxiety.
• Relaxation
• Long term memory
• Creativity

Beta waves
Beta waves operates between 13-40Hz.Beta waves releases chemicals like somatostatin and noradrenaline .
• Active
• Concentration
• Arousal

Delta waves
Delta waves operate from 0.2 HZ to 3 Hz. Delta waves has the capabilities to increase healing, sleep and awareness. Delta waves put your body in a state where the body heals itself from within.
• Healing
• Deep sleep
• Rest
• Growth
• Recovery

Gamma waves
Gamma waves operates between 30-40 Hz. Gamma waves are associated with a stronger will power.
• Mental alertness
• Perception
• Problem solving
• Focus
• Ecstasy

Theta waves
Theta waves operate between 4- 7.9 Hz.

• Deep state of meditation
• Enhanced memory
• Creativity
• Improved focus
• Improved learning abilities

How can you use these sound waves to improve your health?
These waves can be used to reduce the level of pain like migraine or other headaches. Mental symptoms related problems like Irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and panic attacks, depression can be countered with the sound wave therapy.

Dangers of sound wave therapy
Sound wave therapy is normally safe for use, but in people who are suffering from Fits (Seizures) or people who are prone to seizures, sound wave therapy should not be used.

OK How Do I Use It?

Sound Waves are readily available on your smartphones.there are many apps on google play Store and IOS for Sound Waves. Here is the description of some good sound therapy Apps.





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