Reasons to Grow Beard

Beard craze has increased day by day, you would have probably heard of No Shave November and other slogans promoting men to grow beard. Once thought as untidy and uncivilized Beard is now the latest fad among the youth. The most beautiful part of it is, the beard is also healthy for you; it actually has some natural health benefits. Growing a nice beard can make you look great and  improve your personality;so here are some reasons to grow a beard.

  • Prevents skin cancer

The beard blocks about 95% of the cancer causing ultra violet rays coming from the sun, so it acts like a natural sun block. The harmful sun rays  can penetrate the roof of your house. Our natural protection  of the ozone layer is deteriorating. The beard provides that extra protection against skin cancer by blocking the sun rays.

  • Prevention of asthma attack

Beard helps from the attack of asthma, pollen allergy by acting as a filter against the allergens. The beard along with nasal hairs traps the asthma causing allergens from getting inside the respiratory tract.

  • Protection from infections

Razors can cause skin irritation and cause the infection; beard prevents Folliculitis, acne, razor rash and bumps.

  • Natural moisturizer

Facial hair has oil glands which moisturizes the skin naturally. So no need to buy an expensive moisturizer because your beard will take care of your skin.

  • Anti ageing

Beard lessens the signs of ageing because of less exposure to the sun. The beard protects the skin from the harmful rays from the sun, dirt and pollution which makes the skin grow old early.

  • Temperature maintainer

Beard keeps you warm and helps you to fight colds by better insulation. The cold and dry air makes the skin dehydrated and under nourished, causing all sorts of skin problems.

  • Acne

Beard prevents acne by inhibiting the growth of acne causing bacteria, so men suffering from acne should start growing a beard.

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