How to Recognize Suicide Warning Signs and prevent a person from suicide.

There may be many social and personal reasons behind suicides, but by early detection of the Suicide warning signs and timely counseling, one can prevent a person from suicide. Here we are explaining the symptoms of suicidal behaviors and handling tips.

Suicide warning signs

Physical changes

Major changes to sleeping patterns
Loss of energy
Loss of interest in personal hygiene or appearance
Loss of interest in sex
Sudden and extreme changes in eating habits – either loss of appetite or increase in appetite
Weight gain or loss
Increase in minor illnesses

Behavioral changes

• Alcohol or drug misuse
• Fighting and/or breaking the law
• Withdrawal from family and friends
• Quitting activities that were previously important
• Prior suicidal behavior
• Self-harming
• Writing a suicide note or goodbye letters to people
• Uncharacteristic risk-taking or recklessness
• Unexplained crying
• Emotional outbursts

Historical Factors

• Previous suicide attempts
• Family history of suicide attempts


• Sadness
• Anger
• Shame
• Desperation
• Disconnection
• Hopelessness
• Worthlessness
• Powerlessness
• Loneliness

How to help someone with suicidal thoughts

Talk to them: Try to understand their feeling and problems by talking to them.
Work out a solution: work out the solution of the problems which has led to this situation.
Change the environment: take the person with suicidal thoughts away from his problems to a new environment.
Stay busy: keep them busy so that their mind does not wander towards the negative thoughts.

Food therapy: foods like eggs, dark chocolate can elevate the mood and hence give a sense of happiness.
Consult to an expert. If you still don’t see changes then take the help of an expert.

Managing mental issues
During such a difficult time, it’s important to keep an eye on the stress levels. Try some of the following strategies to reduce stress, such as:
• listening to music
• enjoying the outdoors
• exercising regularly
• massage
• relaxation
• yoga
• meditation

If above measures do not work then, Call your local Public Emergency Mental Health Service.

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