Stem Cell Therapy- The Future of medicine

Stem-cell therapy is the used to treat and prevent many diseases with the help of stem cells. These stem cells are inserted in the patient’s body, which helps to heal the problem. People suffering from serious medical conditions like cancers, brain damage, infertility, major injuries see a new ray of hope in stem cell therapy. Although it is just the beginning and it needs more research the stem cell therapy has shown some promising signs in the medical field.

What are the sources of stem cells?

The stem cells are obtained from human bone marrow, embryos, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord.

What are the stem cells used for?

The stem cell therapy is used in diseases like:
Various types of cancers
Parkinson’s disease
Spinal cord injury
Alzheimer’s disease
Wound healing
Hair loss

What are the advantages of stem cell therapy?

The stem cell therapy is relatively safer, painless, shows results very quickly and the course of therapy is shorter.

What are the disadvantages of stem cell therapy

The main disadvantages of stem cell therapy are:
It is a costly treatment.
It is in its early stages
Not enough research has been done on this topic.


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